IR Transmitter & Receiver

Winter 2018
Prototyping, debugging, PCB design
Personal project for future use

This project utilizes a 555 timer and the TSOP38338 to create an IR transmitter circuit and an IR receiver circuit to be used as modules in a future robotics project.

Background Info

I designed basic infrared receiver and infrared transmitter circuits as an opportunity to explore basic circuit design and PCB design, and to modify to use as a sensing module in a future robotics project.

You can find the schematic capture files, pcb layout files, and Gerber files here.

Receiver design

I started by designing the IR receiver so I would be able to progressively test my circuit with a universal remote control. I based my design off the recommended circuit on the datasheet of the TSOP38338.

Transmitter design

Once I knew that the receiver was working, I used the suggested IR-emitting LED based on the datasheet for the TSOP38338, the TSAL6400. I created a circuit using the 555 timer in astable mode to create a PWM signal at approximately 38kHz, which is the frequency of the TSOP IC.

PCB Design

I designed and printed PCBs for my design to gain experience in layout, as well as soldering. I will update when I incorporate IR sensors into the robotics project.

IR Transmitter
IR Receiver